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Benefits of using Electronic Signatures in the Legal Industry

Legal Sector paper

Use E-Sign to complete your legal documents, improving efficiency and costs. Allowing your clients to sign documents online improves customer experience, contract completion time and case management productivity.

Benefits of using Electronic Signatures in the Recruitment Industry

Recruitment paper

Use E-Sign to digitally complete your employment contracts and improve your recruitment process. Improve candidate enrolment and on boarding with electronic contract signing and make the move towards a paperless office.

Electronic Signature in small businessess

Electronic Signatures paper

What you need to know.

The Financial and Environmental Impact of Digitalising Paper Documents in Various Industries

Full Impact of Signatures paper

The Financial and Environmental impact of digitising paper documents in various industries collaboration with the University of Liverpool.

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E-Sign Brochure

Use E-Sign to replace paper-based processes, such as printing, posting and administration and incorporating electronic signature technology, has demonstrated both cost reductions and improvement in the trunaround times for the transaction of documents.

E-Sign Competitor Cost Analysis

E-Sign Competitor Cost Analysis

This paper is a detailed cost analysis provided by one of our customers which articulates the cost benefits of using E-Sign.
The study was carried out by the customer half way through an agreement, as their current e-signature provider increased the costs significantly and they wanted to explore alternative providers.
It demonstrates that E-Sign is by far the most cost-effective digital signature provider, even after paying a “Buy out” fee to the current provider.

Benefits of Agreement Automation

Benefits of Agreement Automation

Trillions of pounds in financial agreements are processed each year. This includes credit agreements, loan/lease agreements, new account openings, mortgages, pensions and annuities. Despite the rise of digital adoption within consumer industries,the majority of these financial agreements still rely on manual, semi-manual or disjointed paper processes.

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