E-Sign Electronic Signature software for business documents what is e-sign

What is E-Sign?

E-Sign an electronic signature software for businesses to sign online


All Features for All Users

E-Sign Electronic Signature software for business documents what is e-sign
  • Unlimited Templates
  • Multi Language Application
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • SMS Two-Factor Authentication
  • E-Sign iD-Checker
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Advanced Audit Trail
  • Secure Document Storage
  • Email Personalisation
  • Full Form Functionality

Globally recognised electronic signature solution for businesses of all sizes to sign online documents. E-Sign offers features that make our software not only compatible and accessible to our users but also cost effective, as we offer All Features to All Users.

E-Sign Features and Functions

Extensive File Type Support

E-Sign supports most document file types such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – ensuring all your important documents including your own current documents can be sent for electronic signature. Supported file formats include .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xlsx, .txt and more.

PDF Document Conversion

When uploading a business document into E-Sign it automatically renders it as a PDF securing the integrity of the document.

Full Form Functionality

E-Sign offers versatile form functionality including text fields, radio buttons and checkboxes to allow our users to adapt E-Sign to fit their business documents. Dynamic field placement allows the user to place fields anywhere they require on their document.

Multiple Standard and Custom Fields

Guide your customers to complete your business documents in all the correct places instantly reducing documents NIGO. Utilise standard fields such as signature, initials and date stamp along with custom fields which can be made document specific, allowing you to tailor E-Sign to your business documents not the other way round.

Copy and Paste Field function

Copy and paste fields on you documents to speed up document creation time.

Document Retrieval Integration

Retrieve your documents direct from Google Drive and Dropbox at the click of button.

Multiple Document Sends

Users can send 4 documents plus 2 attachments per digital envelope. This allows users to send multiple contracts plus additional information such as terms of conditions in one digital envelope for ease of access and customers to sign online.

Unlimited Signature Placements

Users can put as many signature placements on their documents as required for no additional cost.

Sign, Send & Co-sign

Users can sign documents themselves within their own accounts. They can send the documents for others to sign, or they can co-sign documents with other parties.

Multiple document signers

Users can send the contents of a digital envelope to up to 13 signatories.

Sequential and Mixed document routing

Route documents to multiple signatories in sequential or mixed document routing to meet your required document processes. Send a business document to multiple signatories to be completed one by one or allow them all to sign at the same time.

Document Templates

Create document templates which are reusable and allow for rapid document sending. By saving the workflow, type and location of field placements reduces the document preparation time allowing for the automation of your business processes.

Transparent Document Process

E-sign provides you a transparent document process to give the user knowledge of who has seen, accessed and signed their documents. All information of the document process is captured and recorded in the advanced audit trail.

Document Recall

Recall your documents direct from your user account at the click of a button.

Reminders & Notifications

Send reminders to signers direct from the platform to prompt them to complete your documents. Receive notification emails when a signer has completed the document.

Address Book Access

Update your address book within E-Sign to allow you to send documents to anyone stored in their at the click of a button.

Multiple device compatibility

Access your account to upload, send and sign documents using all devices, such as computer, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Multiple browser compatibility

E-Sign can be used on virtually all browsers from Google Chrome and Firefox to Safari and Internet Explorer.

Ease of Access for Recipients

Recipients of documents are not required to become E-Sign customers or register with E-Sign prior to access to the documents.

Team File Sharing

Easily share signed documents and associated files with colleagues securely within the platform. Create a shared file system for document uploads and templates for ease of access and automate processes within the business.

Email-Based Authentication

E-Sign provides email authentication, ensuring only those who can sign a document have access via invitation by the sender.

SMS Authentication

Signers receive a one time passcode via SMS that they must enter before they are allowed access to the documents.

Real Time ID Verifications

Using a feature called E-Sign iD-Checker, passport and/or driving licence verification checks can be completed to give you peace of mind.

E-Sign iD-Checker

E-Sign iD-Checker is integrated into the E-Sign platform and Users running the check have to have an E-Sign account. They can run a check without the requirement to sign documents. Personal details are screened against a host of positive and negative datasets from a global ID database allowing you to verify clients to eliminate the risk of fraud.

This is achieved by checking:

  • - UK and International passports
  • - GB Driving Licenses
  • - Mortality register
  • - UK credit header
  • - Age
  • - Address checks.
Compliant Worldwide

Signing your business documents with E-Sign is fast, secure and more accessible than traditional paper based ‘wet’ signatures. Complying with all the latest legislation such as ESIGN Act 2000, EIDAS, GDPR etc, e-signing your documents is compliant and enforceable in nearly every country worldwide.

Quick Signature Capture

Signers are guided through your documents with interactive assistance for quick document completion.

QR Code Signatures

Scan the QR Code and be automatically re-directed to the signature verification page, where you can verify the signature and information.

IP Address Capture

IP address of document authors and signers are captured and digitally stored in the document, allowing users to confirm the location of individuals involved in the process.


E-Sign is ISO 27001 certified along with being fully compliant with the EIDAS, ESIGN ACT 2000, and the Electronic Communication Act. Please see our legality page for more information.

GDPR Compliant

E-Sign is GDPR compliant.

Real Time Status

E-Sign provides a transparent tracking procedure for your important business documents. Every time a document is viewed, received, completed is all logged and visible from within the platform.

Tamper-Sealed Documents

All documents transacted within E-Sign are digitally sealed to industry standard specification through our PKI policies. See our Security page for more information.

Advanced Audit Trail

Track and record your document transaction through every stage. All data is looked and retrievable from the advanced audit trail produced for every document sent within E-Sign.

Digital Certificate

Every completed document is supported with a digital certificate documenting the author, signers, devices used, IP addresses, time and date stamps and much more.

Document Retention and Archiving

Documents can be archived and retrieved by the users in accordance with their own retention policies and legislation such as GDPR.

Secure Platform and Website

All interactions within the E-Sign platform and website are 100% secure via 256bit SSL encryption, meaning your data is protected and safe from hackers.

Secure Document Uploads

All documents are uploaded via secure 256bit SSL encryption endpoints using HTTPS protocols. This method of secure communication over a computer network provides authentication of the visited site and platform and also protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data.

Secure Document Transactions

E-Sign utilises Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) for sending the digitally encrypted emails. The link within the email to the digitally encrypted document is accessed via PKI access. The URL within the email is SHA encrypted which is time limited and changes every time it accessed.

Secure Document Storage

E-Sign has its own state of the art servers within the UK and Isle of Man, with enhanced physical and digital security in place. We operate with server side encryption (SSE), which encrypts the data at rest, twin firewalls protecting our database with a 24/7 monitoring system in place. E-Sign operates an encrypted client library for end-to-end encryption that cannot be reversed once a document has been passed through it. To access these documents, there are identity and Access Management policies within the infrastructure, that only allow access to documents or any other data to the user and those they send access to.

Multiple Languages

Request a recipients e-signature in one of 9 languages improving the customer experience for your international clients. Send a business document from Germany to Malaysia, to be signed in the native language and close the deal in a matter of minutes and with global time zone support your document is completed and converted to the local time zone.

Global Time Zone Support

E-Sign is available in any time zone. All document transactions are stamped with a universal time code and converted to the local time zone.


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