How E-Sign Works

Learn how the E-Sign electronic signature process works.


Create an E-Sign account

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Create an E-Sign account

Manage your E-Sign Account

From your dashboard you can manage your esign account. You have control of the following:

  • Payment and Billing options;
  • Control the Team members who have access to use esign;
  • Add your company logo to your outbound esign emails, plus much more.
Manage your E-Sign Account

E-Sign Dashboard

The E-Sign dashboard is the hub of your electronic signature and secure document transaction platform. Here you can manage your signed, pending, uploaded and template business documents.


Signature creator

Before putting your signature on any documents, use the signature creator tool within your dashboard. Create or upload your own personalised advanced online signature that you will use on all documents you esign, so make it a good one!

For a full tutorial on how to create an electronic signature click here


Secure document upload

To securely upload your documents, you can either click the upload button on the dashboard, or drag and drop the document anywhere on your esign dashboard. Once complete, the document automatically stores in your Uploads folder.

For a full tutorial on how to upload a document click here


Sign it, Send it or Co-Sign it

You now have 3 ways of getting your business documents signed:

  1. Esign the document yourself;
  2. Send it to others to esign; or
  3. Both sender and recipient can esign it.

For a tutorial on each of these workflows refer to our user guide

*Up to 13 people can esign one document at the cost of 1 transaction.
For more information on pricing plans see our pricing page

Sign it, Send it or Co-Sign it

Create and send multiple documents in one envelope for signatures

Don’t waste time and money printing and posting documents to your clients for them to sign. Create document packs within esign to send to your clients in a secure and efficient process, capturing their signature online and reducing the turn around time of documents.

For a full tutorial on sending multiple business documents in envelope click here

*You can send up to 4 signable digital documents in one envelope, plus 5 attachments at the cost of one transaction.
For more information on pricing plans see our pricing page


Create and store document templates

Create document templates compatible with your business processes. Drag and drop the different text and signature fields onto the document where required, making it user friendly and signable for your clients. Store the document templates within your esign dashboard to be used by all employees over and over again, on any device, in any location.

For a full tutorial on creating document templates click here

*You can create unlimited document templates and store them within your esign dashboard.


Securely send the document to your clients for their online signature

Send the document direct from esign to your clients to capture their online signature and have the process complete in minutes.

Securely send the document to your clients for their online signature

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