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To assist you in becoming more familiar with E-Sign's functionality, features and the use of digital signatures, please choose from the options below where you can find step by step instructions and/or tutorials videos to guide you through the process.

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E-Sign is faster, cheaper & more secure than signing documents by hand.

Deals closed immediately

  • No more waiting around for post to be delivered
  • Sign online Documents in minutes
  • Send documents for others to sign instantly

Reduce administration costs

  • Business can save up to £800/year on mailing costs
  • Simplify your administration with electronic signatures
  • Reduce carbon footprint and help stop de-forestation

QR Code Signatures

  • 100% unique and cannot be forged or replicated
  • Embed additional information (Company Name,
    Contact No. etc.)
  • Use any QR Code scanner to identify the signatory

True advanced e-Signature to sign online documents

E-Sign provides a unique advanced electronic signature with ‘QR’ technology, which provides businesses with online signature validation and enhanced security. We don't use pictures of hand signatures at E-Sign. An advanced electronic signature is defined by statute and the DTI in the UK recommends electronic signatures as more reliable than using pen and paper.

Fast and user friendly esignature

E-Sign is designed to be as fast and simple as hand signing to create an online signature with the addition of instant delivery, unquestionable unique security and safe long term storage with instant access.

Personal & secure esignatures with a 'Digital ID

Each time a document is signed with an online signature a unique esignature is created for that person and that document. When you electronically sign your next document the advanced electronic signature creates another unique esignature linking you and that document. A QR Code is created to enable the signatories to the document to access it instantly, simply scan or click the QR Code and the service takes you to the original document. If you ask for additional information about signatories (copy passport, driving licence or sock colour!) that information also becomes part of the electronic signature.

Integrate an esignature with your existing workflow

If you can attach your file to an email you can easily create an online signature with E-Sign. Whether you want to learn how to sign a word document, add a signature to a PDF, use Google Docs, Pages, Excel or any other application (video, pictures, diagrams) you can upload your file for an online signature. We don’t force any application upon you; simply use your existing applications and sign online with E-Sign’s electronic signature platform. For a seamless integration organisations can use our API or GUI to merge into their workflow and brand the service with their own logo.

Chase up your clients

The dashboard keeps you up to date with what you’ve electronically signed, what is pending esignature, what has been sent to you for esigning and the documents you’ve uploaded. All your latest activity is listed and you can decide to chase pending documents to keep the workflow moving.

Full esignature audit trail

The full electronic signature audit trail within E-Sign keeps you informed of who has opened a document, esigned and returned or rejected a document for esignature. You can monitor progress from uploading your file to completion of the esignature with the audit trail on your dashboard.

E-Sign data is held in the UK. However, E-Sign can store your data in an accredited data center of your chosen country. E-Sign is deployable in a jurisdiction of your choosing, and can be placed within your own IT infrastructure. Please contact for further information

E-Sign can be accessed anywhere to create an electronic signature to sign a word document, sign a pdf and many other file formats on a range of devices including Laptop, tablets and mobile phones. E-Sign also has free Android and iOS apps.

E-Sign offers free API developer support documents, which can be accessed here.

Set up an E-Sign account and request an API token from

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