How to create an electronic signature in Word

Esign a Microsoft® word document in a few quick and easy steps.

esign a word document

Creating an electronic signature in word

Do you need to electronically sign a Microsoft® Word document, such as a business contract or sales agreement? With E-Sign this is fast and easy to do. You can upload any esign documents in a variety of file formats, including Word files. For more information on the file formats supported in E-Sign please view our Features page.

eSign a word document step by step guide

Step 1

Sign up for an E-Sign free trial and log in to your account.

Step 2

Select Upload. Learn how to upload a word document in E-Sign.

Step 3

Select One of the options and place your electronic signature field on the document where you need it and press continue.

Step 4

You can now electronically sign your word document, and securely store within E-Sign. You can share your completed document directly from E-Sign via secure email.

Learn how to electronically sign a document video tutorial

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Create Electronic signatures in Word today Free with E-Sign


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